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Organic, recycled and responsible produced clothes made for everyday life.

My Vision

Basic Apparel is built on a dream of creating a brand that focuses on everyday life, on high-quality natural materials, and on the people who make our clothes.

I believe that it is possible to make clothes that are infused with positive energy all around.

I hope that you would like to watch the video and learn more about Basic Apparel.

- Camilla Balle, Founder of Basic Apparel



Soft comfortable jeans, made from organic cotton and produced responsibly in Europe.

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Soft responsible wool from Italy and organic cotton produced in Europe.

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Airy and lightweight shirts made from GOTS-certified organic cotton.

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The basic blouse everyone should own. Without harmful chemicals and endocrine disruptors, in the absolutely perfect fit.

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“ Responsibility never goes out of style ”
Our values

As part of the fashion industry, we are engaged in the low impact movement. Low impact is a lifestyle where we take a conscious approach to fashion and carefully consider the processes and recourses required to manufacture clothing, with a focus on accountability. This is the basis of our values, to ensure workers rights and environmental protection.  

Kigkurren 8m,
2300 København S