Welcome to Basic Apparel and our collection of subtle classics with high ethical standards that are made to last longer than just a single season. Because, as we like to say

The world doesn’t need more clothes, it needs better clothes. 

we are on a mission

We want to inspire and make a difference by creating designs and styles responsibly. All our production and consumption must take place without harming our planet for the sake of our future generations.


Basic Apparel is always aiming at creating designs you fall in love with. We are talking long lasting love.
Not just a fling or an overnight sensation. True love. Those few styles you keep coming back to, because they make you feel good
and inspire you to be the best version of yourself – and you know they will never let you down. When you love something,
you donŽt throw it away, this way both you and our planet wins. 

We are inspired by the beautiful Nordic nature. Because we want to protect nature, we always look for materials responsibly produced.


We love fashion, but we don't want our clothes to come at the cost of people or our planet. To minimize our CO2 footprint and ensure the highest quality, we produce the majority of our clothing at a family-owned manufacturer in Turkey. The factory has documentation of their safe and fair working conditions, which is why we visit them regularly and follow up on the quality of the workplace - because no one can feel comfortable in clothes produced under inhumane working conditions.


Basic Apparel was established in 2013 in Denmark. It's run by Camilla Balle and her passionate team. We all love timeless design and are passionate about making the planet a better place. We want to spread “good vibes” through fantastic, durable and environmentally friendly designs.

This is also the reason why you can not buy our designs on the major online platforms. Our hearts beat for the local retailers who give life and joy to the small communities. We would rather sell a little less, of our collections, than sell large quantities to big online shops. After all, we are not looking for more, we are looking for better.

We are proud to be represented in the following markets: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Greenland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, England and Israel.


Our logo symbolizes an old rune from the Viking Age because we are proud of our Scandinavian roots. The old rune symbolizes dawn and means a calm new beginning.

We have put a circle around the rune to describe the timeless and infinite cycle. The appearance of the circle together with the rune, makes the logo look like a button that you wear on your clothes.

We make everyday clothes that fit into every wardrobe, which we have chosen to clarify, by making the "basic" typography thicker. It's to emphasis that this is the basis of what we do and it is basic to put together for your current wardrobe.

“ When you love something, you don’t throw it away. ”


our showroom

Our bright and beautiful showroom, is located in Copenhagen on the address:

Kigkurren 8m
2300 KĂžbenhavn S

This is where we dream, draw and design.
We enjoy having company, so do not hesitate to come by for a chat and a cup of hot coffee.